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1. How many driving lessons will I need?
Everyone is different and will need a different number of lessons. Other relevant factors may include whether you’ve ridden a motorbike and whether you will get practice in your own car in addition to your lessons. Most Instructors agree that for most people it is between 1 & 2 lessons per year of your life. So a 20 year old could take between 20 & 40 lessons. Some Instructors recommend a minimum of 40 lessons.

Remember, it’s not just being able to control the car, but also about gaining experience in different situations. Also there is a basic syllabus of lessons that all Instructors teach that needs to be fully covered by everyone. It is unrealistic to expect to cover the syllabus in less than 20 lessons. Remember, Driving Instructors are expected to teach their pupils to be good drivers, not just to be able to pass the test.
The DSA are concerned that many candidates have not had enough lessons before taking the test. Their statistics show that the average is 45 lessons + lots of private practice.

2. How do I choose an Instructor?
See Find an Instructor for some useful guidance

3. What if I feel I am not making good progress?
The best thing is to speak to your Instructor about this

4. What if I disagree with the result of my test?
If you feel that your test was not conducted properly you can complain to the DSA. It is highly unlikely that your test result will be changed, but it may be worth making your feelings known!

5. Do I have to have an Instructor?
At present the answer is no. However, Driving Instructors are highly qualified and it is unlikely that you will pass without professional help from an Instructor. See our page on Accompanying Learner Drivers.

6. Do all Instructors teach the same things?
All Instructors know that there is a basic syllabus that needs to be covered. However, Instructors do have considerable freedom to teach people in the way that they find works the best. Be assured however, that Instructors are regularly check-tested by the DSA to ensure that their Instruction is up to scratch.

7. How much do lessons cost?
Cheap driving lessons? Prices of lessons vary considerably. The length of lesson (the length of lesson can vary between 45 minutes and a full hour) and the area can have an effect. It’s unlikely you can get lessons for less than £18, and some schools charge up to £28. Do remember, the cheapest may not be the best. It’s worth asking - if a Driving School has cheap driving lessons, why are they so cheap? Expect to pay about £20-£22 for a good quality, full hour’s lesson.

£20 for an hour is in fact very cheap when you consider the Instructor's overheads. The DIA calculate that to earn the national average wage an Instructor should be charging £26. See our Instructor training page for more about Instructor salaries

8. Are intensive driving courses any good?
Certainly they work for some people but for others an intensive driving course (or crash course) is too intense! It will depend very much on the individual. But remember it's not a short cut. You still have to learn the same amount. There are some driving schools offering intensive courses listed in our Directory.

9. Can Learner Drivers carry passengers?
Yes Learners drivers can carry passengers. If you want a passenger to sit in on your driving lesson it's best to ask the Instructor in advance.

10 Is it normal to be nervous about my test?
Absolutely. Most people are. Try to relax and take deep breaths. Don't rush things. The examiner will give you plenty of time.


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