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You will definitely need a book, dvd or cd to help you with your theory test. Everyone knows about the Highway Code. It’s cheap. It’s packed with information. But the stuff’s a bit difficult to learn. However, it does have nearly all the roadsigns in it which is pretty essential!

The best Question Book is the Official Theory Test Book from the DSA. You can get it at bookshops for around £11.99 - available from Amazon £8.75! If you get one second hand make sure it is the up to date version. They usually bring out a new one every year. There are cheaper theory test books but on the whole these are not as good. You get what you pay for! Don't try to read it all in one go! Set yourself a target of say 20-30 minutes per day, and make sure you go back over what you've already learnt, to make sure you still remember it.

Although the book is good, most people find the Theory Test on dvd-rom is the best way to learn. The best one we’ve tried is Driving Test Success ALL Tests by Focus Multimedia. This also has over 50 video clips and training exercises for the Hazard Perception Test. This usually retails for between £6 and £15.

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