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One in five newly qualified drivers will have an accident within their first year on the road.
New drivers make up just 10% of licence holders but are involved in 29% of all road accidents.
The Pass Plus scheme is designed to encourage new drivers to further improve their skills and provide experience in settings they may not yet have encountered. The aim being to reduce the number of accidents involving new drivers.


Many local authorities will subsidise the cost of Pass plus or like Cumbria County Council will pay the full amount. The Mayor of London is subsidising Pass Plus. If you are under 25 and live in Greater London, you can get £70 back on the cost of Pass Plus. You have to have passed your test less than a year ago and you must register before starting the course. You must then send your certificate into the Pass Plus office and they'll send you a cheque. With the cost of Pass Plus being around £140 - £150 , that's approximately 50% of the cost paid for!

You can register by phoning 0845 230 1725

There are 6 Pass Plus Modules. Normally these are taken as 4 single lessons and a double lesson to cover both dual carriageways and motorways.

1. In Town:
Scared of rush hour traffic? Learn how to cope with town driving by taking expert advice at some of the busiest times of day.
This module begins with an introduction to the course and concentrates on
judgement and awareness
eye contact
consideration for vulnerable road users
being cautious but not over cautious, and
keeping space around your car

2. In all weather:
The first flurry of snow or the first blanket of fog can get you into a real fix. Learn how to deal with the perils of winter before you risk an accident.This module is a theory session, put into practice in other modules if the opportunity arises.

This module covers safe driving in
rain, sleet and snow
mist and fog, and
bright sunshine

It includes making sure you see and can be seen, deciding what speed to drive at and applying the rules in practice

3. Out of Town:
Country roads can hide their own kinds of hazards. This module is a practical session looking at the main differences between town driving and country driving.

observing the road ahead
making progress safely
bends, hills and uneven roads
keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and
safe overtaking
It places special emphasis on awareness and consideration for
pedestrians and horse riders
sharp bends
the use of your horn
farm entrances
slow moving vehicles or animals, and
mud on roads

4. At night:
How to read the road in the dark. There are some useful tips on how to deal with dusk onwards.
This is also a practical session which covers
the importance of the correct use of headlights
adjusting to the dark
driving at dusk and dawn
judging speed and distance
the correct use of lights
dealing with dazzle
looking for pedestrians, and
being prepared for cyclists

For modules 5 & 6 click here

Pass Plus


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