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The Theory Test is done on Touch Screen computer.

The 40 minute test consists of 50 multiple choice questions. Most questions require the candidate to identify the correct answer from a choice of four or five possible options. Some questions will require candidates to select more than one answer, from the four or five options given. Some questions use pictures, diagrams or road signs.

The test consists of 50 questions with a pass mark of 43. After a short break of a couple of minutes, the Hazard Perception element of the test will start. This is consists of 14 film clips. Each clip has one scoring hazard apart from one clip which has two. A maximum of 5 points is awarded for spotting each developing hazard and clicking the mouse at the correct time. A top score of 75 marks is available. Learner drivers are required to get a minimum of 44 marks to pass. This section of the test lasts approximately 15 minutes in total. The entire test will last approximately 1 hour - remember both parts must be passed for an overall pass.

At the end of the test, each candidate will be told their result. Candidates with special needs will have additional time and assistance. Audio facilities are available and the test is also available in a number of different languages.


It is usually best to start your lessons so that you can get help and advice from your Instructor. However, you will also need to do some work yourself. There are many books available on the market. The best is undoubtedly the Official DSA Theory Test Book for Car Drivers. Many people find that a cd-rom is a better option. Some of the cd-roms also contain video clips for the Hazard Perception part of the test..

An online version of the Highway code is available.You can get access to unlimited practice theory tests for a one of fee of just £1.99 from PracticeTheoryTests


The only way you can practice is by getting a cd-rom or finding an online programme. You need to respond when you first see the hazard by clicking the mouse button. You score for spotting the developing hazard (one that requires action), not for potential hazards. If you click too early you do not score. The max is 5 points if you click at exactly the right time, continuing on a sliding scale till 0 points if it's too late. You do not have to move the mouse arrow to where on the screen the hazard is. Each time the particular hazard develops further, click again. If you clicked too early, your click will not score so you are advised to click several times. However If you overclick indiscriminately you will score no points for that clip! So beware! To find out fees for the Theory Test Fee click here. List of Theory test centre addresses

Click here to get a free practice theory test

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