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Speed Cameras - Beat Speeding Fines

Speed Cameras? Well some people call them Safety Cameras to make the point that the whole purpose is to improve road safety. That's what we'll call them in this article, because we're not just talking about getting a speeding ticket when caught by Speed Cameras but also cameras that catch you if you jump a red light!

Cameras are usually at sites that have a history of serious traffic collisions. The two main types are:

  • Speed cameras which record vehicles in excess of a pre-defined speed.
  • Red light cameras which record vehicles that pass through a red traffic light.

The following statistics suggest that speed cameras have saved lives:

  • Instances of personal injury fell by 64% at fixed camera sites.
  • 67% drop in fatalities at fixed camera sites.
  • Speeding by vehicles at the sites have fallen by 8% or 4.2 mph.
  • Government research reveals that a reduction of 1% in the average speed of vehicles will lead to a 5% reduction in casualties.

Some dispute the statistics, saying that some speed cameras are placed at locations with a sudden rise in accidents which would have gone down anyway with statistical variation. Many people believe that speeding fines are just another way of making money out of Motorists.

Speeding Tickets

  • Should you be caught speeding or if you go through a red traffic light, the speed camera will capture the registration of the vehicle you are driving, and a Notice of Intended Prosecution will be sent automatically to the registered keeper of the speeding vehicle within 14 days of the offence.
  • In many instances, as an alternative to prosecution the driver will be offered a Fixed Penalty Notice (Speeding Ticket) of £60, which must be paid within 28 days of the notice being issued, and three penalty points which will be endorsed on your licence.
  • Penalty points for speeding offences are valid for a period of three years but you have to wait 4 years to have them removed.
  • If your speed is above certain limits, you may be prosecuted in court where you will receive a fine and your driving licence will be endorsed with penalty points or you may even be disqualified from driving altogether.
  • You'll be disqualified from driving once you have 12 points on your licence. If you're a new driver and you get 6 or more penalty points in your first 2 years of driving, you will be disqualified and will then need to resit your theory and practical driving tests. New Driver Act.

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