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Vehicle & Headboard Lettering

Driving Schools, like all businesses need to take every advertising opportunity. And what better advertising opportunity is there than your vehicle? Some instructors like the whole of their vehicle decorated - usually called a "wrap". Others prefer something a little more understated - just some vinyl lettering above the door trim or a headboard.

The cost of vinyl lettering can vary enormously, so shop around. You can pay about £1 per 4 inch letter, but you can also find vinyl lettering much cheaper than this.

If you need to change your details on your headboard, the existing lettering should come off fairly easily, sometimes a little heat from a hairdrier will help.

It's generally best to have as few words as possible on a headboard. This usually keeps the cost of re-lettering down as well as making it easier to see. If possible avoid the use of the words "Driving School" or "School of Motoring" on the headboard. Usually they are unnecesarry clutter! Also use a clear and easily readable font. Usually you get about 7" height of space on a headboard. The ideal sizes would be - school name - one line 4", phone number - one line 2½", with ½" space between the two lines of lettering. You usually get about 19" width allowing for space for the red L.

A good plan is to also have vinyl lettering on your car showing your web address. This can be placed inside your rear window, or on the sides of your car.

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