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Driving Test Cancellation

For quite some time there has been a problem with extremely long waiting times for the UK driving test. waiting times of up to 18 weeks have been reported at some test centres. The DVSA quite simply have failed to devote sufficient resources to keeping driving test waiting times down to the 6 weeks target that they have set. As a result there has been a rise in businesses aiming to find driving test cancellations for candidates who are rady for their test but having to wait for excessive periods.



It is quite possible for candidates to search online for test cancellations. However this is very time intensive. It is relatively easy to develop the technology that will enable a business to regularly check for cancellations every few seconds. these driving test cancellation finding services generally charge between £10 to £25 to find you a new test date. By and large they require you to already have a test date booked so that your details are already in the DVSA system and then when they find a suitavble date for you they will cancel your existing date and book the new date for you.


In all cases it is important that you check the small print very carefully. It does however seem that they are succesful in offering earlier test dates for candidates. Some services will not charge you at all if they don't find suitable dates for you. Also if you fail your test they will charge a lower fee if you book a new test date and then use their service again.


Simply you bnook a test date with the DVSA. You then register with your service giving details of your test date and test centre. They will then find suitable dates as and when they become available ancd contact you by text, email or whatsapp. If the date is unsuitable you ignore the message or text back "No" and the system will continue looking for alternative driving test dates. you normally get around 30 minutes to reply otherwise the test slot will no longer be available for you.




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