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Driving School Headboards

Most Driving School Headboards come in one or two parts. Either the hood part is glued or bonded in some way to the base, or it is a separate part held on with small plastic nuts and bolts. The headboard is secured to the roof of the car using two or three strong magnets. They are usually considered strong enough to stand speeds up to 70 mph.

Due to fears of scratching the roof of the car, some manufacturers use a rubber boot to go round the magnet. A potential problem with this is that water is then retained and can cause the magnets to rust resulting in rusty water leaking out.

A further danger is that of denting the roof of the car when removing the headboard.

Although headboards are used overseas, particularly by taxi drivers in America, orientated longways, most manufacturers in the UK do not recommend this.

Most driving school headboards are now made of materials that will not discolour with age, although in the 1990's it was not uncommon to see headboards that had "yellowed" with age.

It is best to use lettering with a simple easy to read font such as Arial and strong bold colours. Try to use as few letters as possible. Consider leaving off the words "driving school" or "school of motoring". Just have the basic name, phone number and regulation Red "L". It can be a good idea to have a reflective L on one side to face the back of the car for night driving. Information about Vehicle Lettering

Driving School Headboard/ Roofbox Suppliers

Plastic Mouldings Northern Ltd - 01388 777700
Unit 4 Longfield Road
South Church Enterprise Park
Bishop Auckland
Co Durham
DL14 6XB

RCM Marketing - 01202 737999
Amberley Signs - 01252 836436
Driving Schools Supplies - 0121 328 6226
ADI Services - 01273 418530


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